Brass manifold with dynamic flow balancing

 Brass manifold with dynamic flow balancing

Brass manifold for HVAC systems with dynamic flow balancing and independent setting for each individual circuit.
Outlets connections for copper, plastic or multilayer pipe adapters.
Center distance between the outlets 50 mm.
Temperature range 5÷95 °C.
Max. working pressure 10 bar.
Available in two versions: Low Flow (LF) e High Flow (HF).
Flow rate setting range for each individual circuit: 20÷160 l/h (LF); 10÷250 l/h (HF).
Working differential pressure range: 20÷60 kPa (LF); 30/40÷150 kPa (HF).
Flow meters: scale 0,4÷2,6 l/min (LF); scale 0,5÷5 l/min (HF).

The kit includes:
- delivery manifold with flow meters and lockshields for fluid shut-off function;
- return manifold with dynamic flow balancing valves and manual handwheel, pre-arranged for thermo-electric command via R473/R473M actuators;
- pair of R269T multifunction valves with end plugs;
- R588Z metal brackets;
- R558Y001 key for lockshields shut-off;
- R73PY010 key for presetting.


- R500-2: flush-mounting metal cabinet, with adjustable depth.
- R473, R473M: normally closed thermo-electric actuators equipped with R453Y002 plastic ring nut.
- R178, R179, R179AM: B.18 adaptors.

Spare parts
- P12ADBX001: Low Flow bonnet with dynamic balancing (red internal membrane).
- P12ADBX002: High Flow bonnet with dynamic balancing (black internal membrane).
- P78MY002: flow meter with scale 0,4÷2,6 l/min.
- P78MY001: flow meter with scale 0,5÷5 l/min.
- R453Y002: plastic ring nut for thermo-electric actuators installation.
- R588ZY001: metal bracket with supports.
- R73PY010: regulation key for presetting.

Manifolds with dynamic flow balancing are equipped with a data-tag with the "DB series" identification, the flow and Δp characteristics for both versions of the manifolds: Low Flow and High Flow.


Low Flow version

R553FKDB102G 1" x B.18 /210--
R553FKDB103G 1" x B.18 /310--
R553FKDB104G 1" x B.18 /410--
R553FKDB105G 1" x B.18 /510--
R553FKDB106G 1" x B.18 /610--
R553FKDB107G 1" x B.18 /710--
R553FKDB108G 1" x B.18 /810--
R553FKDB109G 1" x B.18 /910--
R553FKDB110G 1" x B.18 /1010--
R553FKDB111G 1" x B.18 /1110--
R553FKDB112G 1" x B.18 /1210--
For connection to the pipe use the base 18 R178, R179, R179AM adaptors

High Flow version

R553FKDB122G 1" x B.18 /210--
R553FKDB123G 1" x B.18 /310--
R553FKDB124G 1" x B.18 /410--
R553FKDB125G 1" x B.18 /510--
R553FKDB126G 1" x B.18 /610--
R553FKDB127G 1" x B.18 /710--
R553FKDB128G 1" x B.18 /810--
R553FKDB129G 1" x B.18 /910--
R553FKDB130G 1" x B.18 /1010--
R553FKDB131G 1" x B.18 /1110--
R553FKDB132G 1" x B.18 /1210--
For connection to the pipe use the base 18 R178, R179, R179AM adaptors