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  • Italtherm combi boiler City Class F

    The design of the boiler was developed by the Italian design company GIUGIARO, known as the developer of the design of exclusive cars Ferrari, Maserati, Corvette and others: a stainless steel Plate heat exchanger and an electric valve allow you to get a stable temperature of hot water:

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  • Italtherm Condensing combi boiler

    Condensing gas boiler wall mounted Italtherm City Class K 25 , 30 ,35

    • High odds with  Maximum fuel economy .
    • Automatic power graduation 1:10– when the heating requirement is small it can operate up to 10% of maximum power.
    • Optimal launch– the boiler automatically adapts to the operating conditions.
    • Perfect combustion– thus ensuring reliable operation & maximum service life.
    • Loweremission of CO/CO2 pollutants
    • Silent operation, with a reduction in the number of successive on/off burner cycles
    • Plenty hot water use .
    • Easy & fastfacility
    • Unproblematic Setting
    • Small dimensions &  excellent Desing .

    The Boiler Italtherm City Class Kis a unit  compact and includes  :

    • New brass hydraulic system , for maximum reliability and resistance to corrosion and low temperatures.
    • Grundfos inverter high efficiency circulator 7m
    • Stainless steel plate heat exchanger for plenty of hot water usage
    • Electric Tricycle Switching Trident
    • Automatic Bypass
    • Flow sensor
    • Relief valve 3 Bar
    • Low pressure pressure switch
    • NTC sensor for water use
    • Filter at the inlet of the use and filling water
    • Automatic Filling Switch
    • Pressure indicator pressure gauge
    • Hydraulic connections according to DIN


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  • Rinnai – RHS-1240S

    توانای گەرم ڪردنی 4.6 ڪیلۆواتە ، واتە ئەوەندەی یەڪ زۆپا و نیوی نەوتی ئاساییە بە ڪوالێتی بەرز و گەرەنتی دوو ساڵ , خاوەنی هەستەوەری ئۆڪسجین و غاز و ڪەوتنە بە هیچ شێوەیەڪ غاز ناڪات و خاوەنی بەردی سیرامیڪی یابانییە

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  • Rinnai -RRH-9500(EX)

    یەکێکیتر لە زۆپا غازەکانی ڕینای کە خاوەنی توانای 11.6Kw کە یەکسانە بە توانای 4 زۆپای نەوتی ئاسای!
    دەتوانیت ئەم زۆپایە بکەیتە جێگرەوەی زۆپا نەوتەکان و بە کەمترین غاز زۆرترین ڕووبەرت بۆ گەرم بکات وە بە هیچ شێوەیەک پێویستی بە دووکەڵکێش و کارەبا نییە و تەنها غاز وەک سووتەمەنی بەکاردەهێنێت.
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  • Rinnai 1260S

    • With Auto Shut Down Safety Device
    • gas failure safety option
    • Auto Ignition
    • 100% Smoke less Heater
    • Imported 6 portion Ceramics Plates
    • Energy Efficient Heater
    • Available LPG Gas.
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  • Rinnai ZEN Condensing Boiler

    “Full-condensing” stainless steel heat exchanger Reverse flame burner in low NOx metal fiber Gas valve of the “zero-governor” type Range-rated boiler (electronically limited heating power) Flow temperature min 35 ° C (max 80 ° C) Hydraulic connections to DIN standard Flue: 60 / 100mm coaxial – 80-80mm split (can be reduced to 60-60mm) Flue: maximum distance 30m / 50m (coaxial or split) Control panel (Body controller) installed on the front panel AUTO function (with climatic probe) with independently adjustable ACS Earthquake sensor Gas leak sensor (optional kit)

    Weather probe extendable to the outside (up to 15m, with optional kit)
    Condensate siphon with integrated neutralizer (granulate supplied as standard)
    WiFi / APP remote control on all boilers (no longer optional)

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