Green Gas Energy

Green Gas Energy is an authorized company in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, established in 2017 in Slemani.

It works in the fields of:

1. Installation of LPG and heating systems.

2- product distributor.

And has much skilled and experienced staff in each of these fields.

 Currently, it has 6 branches, the main branch is located in Slemaani and the other branches are located in the cities of (Kirkuk, Halabja, Kalar, Soran, and Ranya).

Our goal is to introduce these new systems to our country with the highest quality with respect to all international standards, which is reflected in our ideas and works.

One of the secrets of our success is choosing the top-quality products, and we are happy to be an authorized dealer of many international brands including:

Our guarantee and quality of work testify to this fact.

Green Gas Energy for those who need the best.