BOLDRIN - Technology for gas

Boldrin is the historic company founded by Emanuele Boldrin in 1959, which has been operating in the gas sector in Italy and worldwide for almost 60 years. It is the point of reference for professionals in the sector for its extensive know-how and expertise of its technicians.

Boldrin offers products related to the world of gas such as pressure regulators and reducers, stabilizers, filters, gas and biogas meters, biogas equipment, solenoid valves, gas leak detectors, pressure switches and Atex equipment for construction sites.

This is not all. Boldrin has also a wide range of accessories by Akuatek for the world of water and by Climaline for air conditioning.

Boldrin distributes also Rochester®, Rego® and Honeywell® quality products.


Boldrin Group is the exclusive distributor in Italy of Rego® technology, the US company world leader in the production of high quality components for Liquefied Natural Gas transportation vehicles.


One of the biggest multinational companies that brings together a large number of brands producing energy, safety and, in general, innovation, with the goal of raising the quality of life of citizens worldwide.

Visit for all the Honeywell technology for safety and SMARTHOME control.


Kromschroder® is also part of this large company, and Boldrin is its official distributor. 

High quality components, solutions and services for using natural gas in the most economical way possible, safely and respecting the environment as well as protecting natural resources.

The Kromschroder® range includes filters, pressure regulators, valves, pressure exchangers, combined controls for the industrial use of gas, burners and all devices for monitoring, control and industrial automation, as well as a complete series of dedicated accessories.

The heating regulators have been designed to ensure maximum energy yield, also with solar thermal technology.